Brinks truck drops hundreds of thousands of dollars on highway

Irving Hamilton
May 3, 2018

The Associated Press reports investigators don't know how much money was lost, but that it was in definitely hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Indiana State Police Corporal Brock McCooe described it as "something out of a movie", and said people were climbing over barriers in the road to reach the bills.

The ISP says anyone taking the truck's cargo can be charged with theft. The driver had to flag down a cop and pointed to his truck with money just pouring out. Anyone who wishes to do the same, can call Indiana State Police at 317-899-8577. By the time the driver discovered what was going on, tons of people had already scooped up cash.

The video below shows police stopping traffic to pick up money on the interstate.

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The risks were made clear to Danae at the end of her video as a police officer can be heard asking where her vehicle is, as it was to be searched.

In another video, a woman is heard talking with other passengers in the auto as she records several officials picking up the money.

Troopers told Fox 59 that people were even jumping over fences from a nearby neighborhood to grab money. They are also looking for four individuals in a white pickup truck, pulling a utility trailer, who made off with one of the bags of money. ISP is in the process of wrangling up all the cash, but have said that anyone who picked some up could be charged with theft.

It's not known if the incident was human mistake, or that the outcome of mechanical failure, police said.

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