What I'm watching: a superhero epic and a great documentary

Lewis Collier
May 3, 2018

Before we discuss the possibilities of life after death, let's rundown how the body count got so high. It's really the time to appreciate the fact that Infinity War is one of the most important films of the MCU so far and must be watched for just that - if nothing else!

It's the goal of this review to tell you enough about the film without offering any spoilers. With a new Spider-Man and Black Panther on the way, it would be hard to have these characters permanently gone. India Today has confirmed the OnePlus 6 special Marvel edition today in a picture of the retail box.

Now, loyal reader (s), I know what you're saying: "didn't y'all just hype Killmonger as the best villain since Heath Ledger's Joker?" With this creative and dedicated team's focus on the audience, one can guarantee we have much more complex, comic adventure on the way.

"Avengers: Infinity War" had a little bit of everything - comedy, drama, romance - but not a lot of the original lineup. They were written at the same time, shot at the same time.

In other words, Turner is able to make a deck of cards bend to his will in tricks that defy explanation.

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We won't know until May 2019 if there will be a satisfying conclusion, but for now, there's much enjoyment in watching the good guys and gals take on a new challenge while expanding their superhero contact list. While Thanos is more reflective than your average supervillain (you could imagine him chilling at an interstellar Starbucks), he won't deviate from his evil plan, and woe to those in his way. Odd saw, in which Thanos is ultimately defeated. According to a report in Forbes, the movie should earn around at least $190 million in China, considering Avengers: Age of Ultron made $240 million three years ago and around $190 million that Captain America: Civil War made two years ago. The story arc throughout the Marvel offerings delivers something unique that is an amazingly woven tapestry interlacing multiple stories into the entirety of the universe.

Thanos' mission since The Avengers has been to get his hands on #DemStones.

The statement that Avengers: Infinity War is seriously affecting Marvel fans has just taken on a tragic new context, with this story of a moviegoer who died during a recent screening of the film. A past version of Doctor Strange could be pretty useful in guiding the reformed Avengers by actually telling them what happens in the one timeline where they win, instead of being cryptic and mysterious.

Don't give secrets away - I'm confident I didn't here.

The "Captain Marvel" movie will be set in the 1990s, giving us backstory on both Danvers and Nick Fury.

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