'Iron Man' suit disappears from Pacoima movie prop facility

Desiree Burns
May 12, 2018

The suit apparently went missing from the facility in the Pacoima neighborhood between February and 25 April.

The owners of the facility called police when they realized the suit was gone.

It's a news story lifted straight from the plot of the latest Spider-Man film.

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The LAPD's Foothill Division was investigating and would not comment on whether it was being treated as a theft by a supervillian - or anyone else. The suit was the same costume worn by Downey Jr.in the first "Iron Man" film that jump-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008.

The Iron Man movie was one of the initial films in the recent Marvel craze, totaling $585 million at box offices worldwide. Downey Jr. went on to appear as Stark along with various upgrades to the Iron Man suit in nine other Marvel movies and can now be seen in "Avengers: Infinity War". An officer speaking to Deadline said, "It was reported by the storage facility that the prop was missing". Downey Jr. paid homage to the character's iconic comicbook suit by rocking Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor. Iron Man 2 took $623 million globally two years later followed by Iron Man 3, which earned $1.215 billion. It is unclear who reported the suit missing.

In addition to undoing everything that Thanos has accomplished in Avengers: Infinity War, there is now another challenge for "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" to tackle. The recent suit seen in Avengers: Infinity War is nothing like the original one in terms of functionality and features.

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