YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

Donna Miller
May 13, 2018

Like we already said, this feature is now only rolling out to Android users, but it should be rolled out for iOS users soon.

Google is trying to make sure that more users use its apps meaningfully at Google IO this week. Video streaming platform YouTube is also a region of the initiative, under that users are going to be able to schedule customized breaks to step off in their online lives for a short time.

Additionally, there are two more features in the new YouTube notifications menu.

On the main page, there's also a selection of "newscasts" on various topics, which are special to Google News. Not only does it deliver a ton of new functionality, but it's also an excellent example of the company's new "Material Theme". This won't close the app or pause the video, though, and it's up to you whether or not you will continue procrastinating. Open the YouTube app and click on your image in the top right corner. Google will be tinkering around with the gestures and release more in the coming months. The company is working on Android Dashboard, which will show users how long they spend on their phone, which apps they use the maximum, and more. Thankfully, I have it on my Android device.

It might seem counterintuitive for a mobile OS developer to help users put down their phones, but addiction is becoming a serious issue among teens.

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"Based on our research, we know that people feel tethered to their devices", Pichai said. If you want to choose the delivery time for the digests in the settings, then head to Settings Notifications Scheduled Digest.

Other related features include "Shush" mode, which turns "Do Not Disturb" on when the device is sitting screen down on a flat surface.

The reminders will come with an option of being dismissed and the feature will also allow users to disable notification sounds during a specified time period each day. Once the time is up, the app icon will end up graying out on you.

Once you hit the limit, YouTube will kindly remind you that you need to take a break and focus on your daily tasks. Before, it would sometimes switch to the less commonly used Ring or Alarm volumes.

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