Gmail gets new offline support for the web interface

Donna Miller
May 15, 2018

Additionally, Google has launched Smart Compose. Do you know the same thing - but on a larger scale - has happened in your Gmail Account, too. In case you haven't done it yet, open Gmail, click on the gear icon on the top right and then click on "Try the new Gmail". Simply follow the above steps while using the old Gmail interface.

At the I/O 2018 developer conference, Google introduced Smart Compose feature that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to offer auto-complete suggestions to help you write e-mails faster.

When talking about the new update of Gmail it is hard to miss out on the "Confidential Mode", it can also be said that this new feature is the one which has garnered the most attention. Reply?' and 'Sent 5 days ago.

Google can now instantly warn users if it suspects an email is from a fraudulent source.

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The only catch here is that this feature is not visible right away.

Confidential Mode was originally due to arrive at the same time as the overall redesign, but was delayed (for confidential reasons, presumably). You will get it soon.

The feature is available to all users who are on the latest versions of Chrome and Gmail. By displaying when the email was received, you can focus on emails that you've put off longer first. For example, Gmail smartly recommended a few phrases like "I am not interested", "No, I didn't get it" and "Yes, I am interested". However, if users are not sure of the new "Material Design- laden" Gmail, they can go back to classic version. What I also find interesting about the new update is high-priority notifications. Tasks and note-taking app Keep are also accessible from the same panel, giving more productivity tools to users without requiring them to open a new window or tab. Turning off Nudge won't turn off Google's A.I. scan of your inbox, but you won't see the orange text asking you to respond to emails that Google thinks are important. Additionally, Gmail has integrated services like Google Calendar and Keep right inside the inbox.

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