Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? We explain the odd auditory illusion

Lewis Collier
May 17, 2018

From then on, like "The Dress" three years before it, the internet split itself in two. Of more than 20 votes, 75 percent say it's "Laurel". The reddit user originally post the audio file told the New York Times the original audio may have come from the entry for "laurel".

"We're on the deeper side", Pesono said.

Feldman and RolandCamry did not respond to interview requests from NBC News. Essentially, it's the second coming of the great dress debate from 2015.

Some people very clearly hear "laurel". "The "Yanny" sound is more in the high frequency range. and the older you get, the more you lose your high frequency response in your hearing".

Laurel is a stronger, lower-pitched gentleman's voice.

But there are other reasons, Crum said. Once your brain has processed a sound as having a certain meaning, it is hard to hear it another way. We couldn't find an exact consensus on what the word actually is.

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What one hears first depends on the how the sound is reproduced, e.g. on an iPhone speaker or headphones, and on individual's own "ear print" which might determine their sensitivity to different frequencies.

In a little more than a day, it's racked up close to eight million plays and tens of thousands of people are split over what can be heard. He adds that hearing is passive whereas listening is when people try to interpret what they have heard. Determine which word you hear.

And, like back then, there's a simple explanation for why people perceive one thing so differently - and science can explain it.

But the final piece of the puzzle is how the human brain categorizes sound and language. "If you remove the high frequencies, you hear Laurel".

As for where Crum falls in the Yanny/Laurel debate?

Barnes stated in an email to The Baltimore Sun that #YannyvsLaurel has been a topic of conversation on the city government's Facebook page after she posted an article about "Yanny vs. Laurel" early Wednesday.

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