Bison gores California woman at Yellowstone National Park

Blanche Robertson
June 9, 2018

Another woman, 51, from Las Vegas was also hurt by a cow elk on Sunday behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, according to park officials.

The woman, who is originally from Santa Rosa, California, was on a boardwalk close to Fountain Paint Pot, one of the beauty spots in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, when the incident occurred.

The bison - which can weigh up to 2,000lb - got agitated and crossed the boardwalk, charging the crowd and goring Hancock. She's in good condition, officials said Thursday.

Two people have been attacked by elks in recent days as well. Because of the severity of her injuries she was flown to an Idaho trauma center. The elk kicked Behr in the head and torso.

Behr was taken by ambulance to Livingston Memorial Hospital.

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For the third time this week and fourth time in just over a month, a park visitor was attacked by wildlife.

Calving season is causing elk mothers to act aggressively as they protect their newborns and hide them near buildings or cars, park experts said.

It's not known if this was the same elk involved in the incident on June 3.

Last year, there was one bison-related injury and there were five such incidents in 2015. In May, a woman stumbled across a bison as she came around a bend in a trail, according to CBS affiliate KTVQ.

"Animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be", the park service said in the statement.

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