Ikea to ban single-use plastic from stores and restaurants

Irving Hamilton
June 9, 2018

The list of IKEA's philanthropic and eco-friendly endeavors could go on for a while; they have donated $450 million in aid to regions affected by climate change; they now sell solar panels in their stores; and they even donate doll beds to cats and shelter animals that are waiting to be adopted.

Swedish retail giant Ikea says it plans to phase out single-use plastic products from its stores by 2020 in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition to that declaration, Ikea has already committed to getting rid of oil-based plastic products, and has invested in a plastics recycling plant to ensure that all plastic products are made using recycled materials by 2020.

Its restaurants will also stop giving out plastic straws, cups, plates, cutlery, drink stirrers and plastic containers for freshly prepared food.

The announcement comes on the heels of other retailers and restaurants taking action against disposable items such as plastic drinking straws, cups and bags, which accumulate in the environment and harm marine life.

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IKEA CEO, Torbjörn Lööf, says their "ambition is to become people and planet-positive by 2030 while growing the IKEA business".

Tesco has told suppliers it wants to stop using non-recyclable plastic packaging from next year, while Waitrose is phasing out black plastic trays that are hard to recycle.

Ikea doesn't yet know how it will replace each plastic product, Seale said.

"We don't have all the answers yet but we are working together with our suppliers to find solutions that are good for both people and the planet", said an IKEA spokesperson. Seale said some specific items may have a higher cost, but the company is looking into sustainable alternatives.

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