Aeon Flux getting live-action reboot at MTV

Lewis Collier
June 13, 2018

The Hollywood Reporter says the live-action reboot will be written and produced by Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis. Known for her work on The Walking Dead, Hurd was actually the producer of the 2005 Aeon Flux feature film starring Charlize Theron. This series is just the latest MTV show from the past to be revived for a reboot, with the network now developing revivals of Jersey Shore, Yo MTV Raps, Total Request Live and The Real World.

The original series, created by animator Peter Chung, first aired on MTV in 1991 as a six-part sequence of shorts that was featured in its Liquid Television experimental animation series, followed in 1992 by five individual short episodes.

Back in the '90s, MTV, having some late-night airtime to fill, chose to do it with Liquid Television, a showcase of weird indie animation.

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The series centered on the title character, who hailed from the nation of Monica, who was a skilled assassin and acrobat. Aeon Flux was typically tasked with infiltrating the neighboring country of Bregna, led by her enemy (and sometimes-lover) Trevor Goodchild. This new report also reveals that MTV is getting ready to launch a new studio entirely devoted to monetizing the rest of its library of properties. This will be the first time Aeon Flux will be in live-action on the small screen. Produced by MTV Films and directed by Karyn Kusama, the film had an impressive cast that included Theron and Frances McDormand, but couldn't eke out either a critical or commercial victory.

Hopefully, this live-action TV series revival will have better luck. The animated Aeon Flux series was well liked by critics and fans, and Davis' Teen Wolf was widely beloved by MTV audiences throughout its six season run on the cable network.

MTV is headed back to the 1990s, and into the distant future, with a live-action reboot of cult sci-fi animated series Aeon Flux.

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