Apple iPhone to Support USB-C Next Year

Donna Miller
June 13, 2018

DigiTimes reports that, like most 2017 smartphone flagships, the 2019 iPhone will support USB-C, finally ending Apple's mixed ecosystem of lightning and USB-C charging solutions. The lightning connector is believed to be able to take advantage of high power delivery, but the transfer rate of the data cables bundled with iPhones is said to be around that of the USB 2.0 standard at a mere 480 Mbps.

Rumors of Apple's supposed interest in switching from proprietary connectors to USB have popped up multiple times over the years, despite the company's use of 30-pin Dock Connectors and 9-pin Lightning connectors to tightly control the accessory markets for its products. While nearly all Android OEMs have switched to the USB-C connector on their flagship devices, some continue to launch their budget devices with a microUSB port.

Since Microsoft has been doing the unthinkable lately by adding Unix/Linux capabilities to Windows, the adoption of USB Type-C in Apple's MacBook series arrived like a rather small surprise.

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Like the Lightning connector, USB-C ports are reversible.

If it does make the switch though, it would end up making the lives of millions of people out there easier as they would not have to worry about carrying a specific charger for their device.

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