City watches, waits as raccoon gets stuck after scaling Minnesota building

Blanche Robertson
June 13, 2018

THE raccoon that stopped the world has completed its breathtaking climb to the top of an office building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Late Tuesday morning, maintenance employees of St. Paul's Town Square building tried to tempt the raccoon down with an impromptu plywood pole, but the critter was having none of it.

The rescue attempt scared the raccoon from MPR's offices to the next door UBS skyscraper, where the ascent began.

The building-scaling raccoon in Minnesota who ascended to impressive heights of internet stardom has been rescued.

No word yet on how crews plan to get it down.

One lucky racoon in the USA has not only made it (to the top of a building, that is), but has also gained world-wide attention for its dare-devil antics.

It all started because the raccoon was stranded on a different building nearby on Monday, according to Minnesota Public.

Animal stuck on high-rise ledge becomes social media star

Instead, the raccoon fled upward as onlookers watched from below and from inside the UBS building - taking photos like this one of its perilous journey.

As you can see in the image below, it seems the general public may be more concerned about the situation than the raccoon is.

MPR reporter Tim Nelson tweeted a video of the raccoon "doing a little grooming" from the 23rd floor's ledge, "now that he's a social media star".

It then began a tentative descent before making its final bid toward the roof of the building, reaching the 305ft-high (93m) top on Wednesday.

St. Paul Animal Control had placed cat food and a trap up there to entice it from the side of the high-rise.

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