NASA Publishes SpaceX's Proposal for a Futuristic Kennedy Space Center

Christopher Davidson
June 13, 2018

The company SpaceX plans to build several objects with the latest technology at the cosmodrome on Cape Canaveral (Florida).

According to Business Insider, SpaceX's draft review also includes the aforementioned "futuristic" control center tower, which is expected to stretch up to 300 feet high, and serve as a means to monitor launches and landings at the Kennedy Space Center, and the "rocket garden", which appears to be a museum of sorts for used Falcon boosters, Dragon spaceships, and other notable SpaceX vehicles.

SpaceX is also seeking permission to build a 133,000-square-foot Falcon hangar to process used boosters and rocket nosecones, or fairings, that it recovers. If the plan comes through, the SpaceX operations area will be moved about a mile north of the KSC visitor's center, notes a report by Florida Today (FT). This will help in the efficient recycling of the materials that will potentially save billions of dollars per launch. The "world-class, architecturally distinctive" control tower would be used primarily to monitor launches and landings, but its towering imagery on the Cape Canaveral horizon would no doubt assert SpaceX's dominance as the most influential private-sector player that is now working with NASA.

While clearly serving SpaceX's manufacturing needs, it's hard to ignore just how flashy these plans are.

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According to future launch plans outlined by the NASA document, SpaceX thinks it may need to support up to 54 launches of Falcon 9, about 10 launches of Falcon Heavy every year, and the recovery of various reusable rocket parts in the coming years. Formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, the Elon Musk-owned rocket company has partnered with NASA to routinely uses their launch facilities for their missions.

In addition to the hanger and the tower, SpaceX is also planning to build a rocket garden that will showcase the company's most prized and other historic space vehicles.

Over the course of 2018, the company has planned 30 launches, which in itself is a record for any single country, let alone a single company.
Considering the grandiose proportions presented in the current proposal, it's clear that the company intends to reach even further with orbital launches in 2019.

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