Steam is finally getting integrated voice chat

Donna Miller
June 13, 2018

Steam China will provide Chinese gamers and developers with a new way to access Steam's selection of games and entertainment.

Valve is making it easier to chat with your friends while playing your favorite Steam games.

Available now in the Steam client beta, Steam Chat offers the ability to chat with other users on Steam with either group or individual messaging - via both text and voice - as well offering a host of improvements to the client's friends list. To top it off, this updated friends list will also share information about what's happening in their games thanks to a new "rich presence" option for developers.

For PC gamers there are plenty of avenues to purchase titles digitally, yet the dominant platform most will use is Valve's Steam.

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The main change in Blitz is that the bus now flies across the map much lower, to allow players to hit the ground quicker. Mushrooms are a handy thing to find because they will replenish 5 shield, no matter what your shield bar is at.

Next comes the new group chats.

As mentioned before, the chat window will now expand and show any media that is posted on it without needing to open the link, applying to videos, images, gifs, tweets, and more. That isn't a bad thing-Discord has become popular with many gamers because it's one of the best communications platforms out there-but it's hard not to think Valve took a little too much inspiration here.

"Steam voice chat was rewritten from the ground up with a new WebRTC-based backend". It's not clear if this means other Valve titles won't be available in the region yet, or what that means for the wider library of games on Steam, but it seems likely that in time many of them will be released there.

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