Uber wants to patent technology to detect drunk riders

Irving Hamilton
June 14, 2018

By user's state, it means Uber would be able to identify if you're drunk and how far from your normal state.

But that could soon be about to change.

The patent mentions the app keeping track of how many typos a user makes, how accurate they are when (attempting) to hit the various links and buttons, their walking speed, and how long it takes to request a ride.

The premise of the software is to use a learned algorithm to determine a user's state of inebriation. The system will also build up a database of typical behavior for each user which will be used to identify any deviation.

'The system can alter the parameters of a service based on the prediction about the state of the user requesting the service'. So it can better detect your unusual behavior. The technology also will take into account the location of the passenger, time of day and even the speed of his walk.

However, experts fear it may allow drivers to undertake "drunk hunting".

It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers.

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Uber is all set to introduce the new app that will alert passengers whether the driver is drunk or not.

It's not yet clear how advanced the research on this technology is or how accurate it would be.

That said, this is just a patent application, and the system will undoubtedly undergo plenty of checks before it is rolled out to the drivers. The application filed in the Bureau of patents and US trademark.

The applications are both called "Virtual Reality Experience For a Vehicle" and were filed in 2016.

Uber has come under fire for its atrocious work culture (something it's working on fixing) and the negative impact it has had on the value of taxi medallions, something advocates are concerned may have led to a string of taxi cab driver suicides.

Where this patent potentially becomes problematic is that it trusts Uber drivers to always behave appropriately.

He's seen it way too many times.

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