Nintendo reveals Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Donna Miller
June 14, 2018

Nintendo officially revealed Fire Emblem: Three Houses today, and those who have been waiting for a proper Fire Emblem game on consoles are nearly certainly going to be pleased by its trailer.

Not only that, this time around players will be able to see entire battalion during battles a feature which was not present in previous titles. Three Houses looks to change up the battle formula somewhat, with Nintendo teasing new strategic twists coming to the battlefield. It also showed a rich cast of characters battling with some handsome turn-based combat and attack animations. We saw characters freely walking around a 3D area, which is something the main Fire Emblem series has never let you do.

Although while most Fire Emblem games focus on units fighting one-on-one, this trailer showed commanders leading whole squadrons in attack.

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"Fire Emblem: Three Houses", at its core, is an RPG.

Fire Emblem Three Houses takes place in the world of Fódlan, which has the Church of Seiros exercising great power over people. Fire Emblem Three Houses also marks the first entry in the series to get released on a home console since Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, released on Nintendo Wii back in 2007. Do you have what it takes to survive and conquer in this brand-new Fire Emblem game? This is because Nintendo will only be launching in the spring of 2019 which means that there's about a year left of waiting.

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