How Trump Sealed Mark Sanford's Political Fate With a Single Tweet

Blanche Robertson
June 15, 2018

Democrats will also be watching the outcomes of Virginia's 2nd District (GOP Rep. Scott Taylor), 7th District (GOP Rep. Dave Brat) and 5th District (retiring GOP Rep. Tom Garrett), where they hope to be competitive in the fall. Bob Corker (R-TN) made the day before about the "cult-like situation" that President Trump's Republican Party has become. "This keeps with his policy to support all GOP incumbents running for re-election".

Rep. Martha Roby, for example, was forced into a runoff last week in Alabama after her opponents seized on her own rift with the president.

The race between Sanford and Arrington provides the latest test of just how willing Republican voters are to stomach congressional criticism of Trump.

President Donald Trump made his feelings about one S.C. candidate known just hours before polls closed in the state primary. Tweeting from the plane bringing him home from Singapore, he declared Sanford "very unhelpful" in advancing his agenda.

"He's MIA and nothing but trouble", Trump continued. "He is better off in Argentina", Trump tweeted.

Before that affair was revealed in 2009, Sanford served three terms in Congress and two terms as South Carolina's governor.

But Arrington, who works for a defense contractor, has been able to exploit that trait, pointing out Sanford's call for Trump to release his tax returns, his vote against Trump's border wall proposal, and his calling proposed tariffs on aluminum and steel "an experiment with stupidity".

Corey Stewart, a combative conservative Republican and immigration hardliner who almost upset Ed Gillespie for the party's gubernatorial nomination a year ago, won the right to face Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, the 2016 vice presidential candidate, in November's U.S. Senate election in November.

Hostin described the "upside" of Sanford's defeat in terms of the "the year of the woman".

Four other states voted Tuesday, including several races that will be key to determining which party controls the House of Representatives next year. He also thrusted some blame onto Trump for increasing divides within the modern Republican party and creating an even more volatile political climate.

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"I think the thing is representation", Sara Haines explained.

"We have to have the backbone to stand up for what we stump out on the campaigns and say", she said. "And he has Stewart voters to thank for it". Including Arrington in SC, at least 14 women emerged as nominees in states that also included Maine, North Dakota and Nevada.

"On Tuesday, three women won Democratic primaries", Hostin began as McCain tried to interject. Trump won the district in 2016 by a margin of 53% to 40%. A few sputter indignantly at Trump's various excesses, without, it seems, spending one second wondering whether they might have had any role in getting us here by spending their careers promoting failed ideas.

To date, 476 women have filed to run for the House in 2018, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, surpassing the 272 who filed in 2016.

It's a cautionary tale for Republicans in Congress as they try to win elections by showing loyalty to Trump supporters while also maintaining some independence as members of a co-equal branch of government.

Sanford was not the only establishment Republican to face challenges Tuesday. Jacque confirmed his concession in a phone call with CNN. Nevada, North Dakota, Maine and Virginia also chose candidates for the midterm election on November 6, when Democrats hope to capture a majority of the U.S. Congress.

Two low-key primaries went exactly as expected Tuesday. Heidi Heitkamp. And Nevada Democrats picked Rep. Jacky Rosen as their nominee against Republican Sen.

Stewart said he plans to campaign in a Trump-like way that appeals to blue collar voters across the political spectrum.

The two primaries were sleepy Tuesday, but will be among the nation's most important battlegrounds in November.

Election nights are long - no matter what.

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