Surveillance video shows theft at Banksy exhibit in Toronto

Lewis Collier
June 15, 2018

Toronto police say they are investigating the theft of a print by renowned street artist Banksy from a building in the city's west end.

The stolen piece is "Trolley Hunters", which depicts a group of Indigenous people stalking shopping carts in tall grass, said Corey Ross, president of Starvox Entertainment, a company that helped put on the show.

Organizers advertised the exhibit saying it has with over 80 original pieces valued at $35 million, making it the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled.

Mr Lazarides worked with the Bristol graffiti artist for about 10 years, though Banksy himself is not involved in the show.

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Lazarides said prior to the show's launch that he and Banksy have not spoken in about a decade.

The artist is known for his street pieces infused with political and social commentary, and his work that has gained him an global fan base.

With the exhibition entitled Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008, some of the artist's most well-known artworks will be displayed, including Girl and Balloon (2006), Love Is In The Air (2006), and Show Me the Monet (2005). "It wasn't just graphic designers in backpacks that were liking his work in the beginning".

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