Brandon Ellis Wore A Black Armband In Tribute To Eurydice Dixon Today

Blanche Robertson
June 18, 2018

The Highlander Bar in Melbourne's CBD, where Dixon performed on Tuesday night, said she was a "remarkable, talented, kind, unique and universally loved person".

Dixon's tragic death prompted an outpouring of memorials on social media, and renewed calls to address a serious problem of domestic violence against women.

In a powerful statement on Twitter, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has joined the national debate on women and safety, adding: "Eurydice died because of her attacker's decisions - not because of her own". A passerby found her body the next morning on a soccer field at Princes Park, just blocks from her house.

Their knees muddy and their arms linked, rival footballers stand in silence around the flowers that are piling up where Eurydice Dixon was killed.

Another added: 'I hope that these funds may pay all the costs of this attractive woman's funeral andI would love to see a memorial to her in Princes Park - as we will never ever not be thinking of her as we walk our dogs, watch the soccer, have a picnic or go to the playground'.

News organisations reported the 19-year-old male suspect has autism and people were quick to reject that as any kind of defence. Women aren't only attacked on the street; they're assaulted in Ubers and taxis, they're stalked through public places and they're at most risk of being killed in their own home. Our comedy community is like a family & this news is beyond heart breaking.

Heartbroken friends remembered her as bright and amusing. She was tragically murdered on the way home from performing at her comedy night.

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Some people expressed concern that the neighborhood might not be as safe as they thought it was.

The Reclaim Princes Park Facebook page said every woman should be able to get home safely.

We've all walked home after a night out or even just after work or whatever, because we haven't had money to get a cab or we couldn't get on to public transport or there wasn't public transport where we were going.

"We'll never change a thing until we do".

"Our bottom line is that no matter what, it's up to men to not stalk, rape, harass and murder women wherever they are".

But many hit out at the police for issuing the warning, saying it was victim blaming. "But maybe I need to be more careful in the future". That a young comic who had just spent the night making people happy could meet with such a vile fate'.

"She had a great passion for women's issues and social justice issues and she drew upon them a lot in the material that she produced as a comic", fellow comedian Nicky Barry told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

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