Parents may be stuck with $132000 bill after kid knocks over sculpture

Lewis Collier
June 18, 2018

Kansas parents may have to pick up a $132,000 tab after their son toppled a statue.

The boy was at a wedding reception at Overland Park community center in Kansas City, where Aphrodite di Kansas City, a glass and mirror sculpture, was on display on May 19.

Video released by the city shows the kids running around, and then shows one of them hugging a glass mosaic torso.

Soon after the incident occurred, the Goodman family got a letter in the mail from an insurance company claiming they were negligent due to the fact that their children were, at the time, unsupervised.

"It's in the main walkway- not a separate room, not plexiglas, not protected, not held down", Goodman says. "I think there were a few different parties going on, bridal showers, birthday parties", she said.

"My children are well supervised but all people get distracted", Goodman told KSHB.

He pulled it towards him and was overpowered by its weight
He pulled it towards him and was overpowered by its weight

She told the Kansas City Star she didn't see the artwork hit the ground, but her son suffered minor injuries when it fell. How is your son holding up? Do art pieces on loan count as city property? It's clear from the video it's fairly easy to knock over and knowing you have both adults and children who will visit, it seems like some responsibility lies with them to protect their investment.

The city was obligated to contact its insurance company, Travelers, which promptly sent the family a letter demanding payment.

"There's a societal responsibility that you may not interact with it if it's not designed for interaction", spokesperson Sean Reilly said.

In her defense, Goodman has since argued she shouldn't be on the hook, instead blaming the recreation center, saying there was no glass buffer around the sculpture or even a sign around it saying 'Do not touch'. They don't know how to deal with paying for the damage and have reached out to their homeowner's insurance provider for assistance.

"$132,000 is completely astronomical", she said.

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