European Union to uplift shares of renewables energy

Christopher Davidson
June 22, 2018

Energy efficiency rapporteur Miroslav Poche (S&D, CZ) said: "Increased energy efficiency really is a win-win policy for all Europeans".

REUTERS reported that European Union finalised new climate rules after months of talks, targeting a total energy saving of 32.5 percent and an uplift in the share of renewable energy to 32 percent by 2030.

"Our renewable energy roadmap analysis, delivered to the European Commission earlier this year, identified that higher shares of renewable energy in the EU were cost-effective and would have a net positive economic impact".

"This is the best deal we could achieve on article 7, by which European Union member states will be required to prolong their energy efficiency schemes".

Talks have dragged on for months to reach a compromise between the European Parliament and EU member states on the new energy efficiency and renewable energy targets after 2021 as well as the rules governing implementation.

The negotiations also included an agreement on the governance for the EU's proposed Energy Union, which is designed to create a more robust framework for cutting emissions across the bloc in line with the Paris climate change agreement.

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According to the other provisional deal reached on Wednesday morning, each member state must present an "integrated national energy and climate plan" by 31 December 2019, and subsequently by 1 January 2029, and every ten years thereafter.

European Commission Vice President for the Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič, called the new agreement the "cornerstone" of implementing the Energy Union. In announcing the new targets and negotiation outcomes, the European Union has underlined its aims to become a world leader on renewables, prioritize energy efficiency, provide "a fair deal for consumers" and set in place its strategy on long-term GHG reduction. This will contribute to have all Member States making the best and most cost-efficient choices and the right investments so that their energy decisions climate-consistent and avoid costly lock-ins.

Cañete said the updated ambitions collectively marked "major deliveries" in the bloc's transition to green energy, adding that the Clean Energy package "will translate into the right investments to modernise the European Union economy and energy systems". "And it will help us deliver on promises in the field of energy, climate and beyond. They will need to be strengthened in time if we are to meet our climate obligations".

Following this political agreement, the text of the Regulation will have to be formally approved by the European Parliament and the Council.

European Union decision-makers agreed to aim for a net zero emissions economy "as soon as possible" in the early hours of this morning.

The EU aims to become a world leader on renewables, prioritize energy efficiency and provide "a fair deal for consumers."
"The weak rules on enforcing the targets lack teeth. At a time when Europe's renewables investments are shrinking and others are taking the lead in the global market-place, these anaemic rules are the last thing we need".

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