Google Maps Can No Longer Book Uber Rides

Donna Miller
June 22, 2018

The company already encourages users to review businesses, restaurants, and other establishments in its search engine and Maps service. Now that the feature is gone, Uber riders must rely on the taxi app for further rides.

The feature showing price estimates and displaying the arrival timing of a ride was allowed on Google Maps a while ago.

Google Maps on Android no longer allows users to book Uber rides directly inside the app after Google Maps on iOS lost the feature last summer.

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Earlier previous year, Google Maps announced integrations with ride services like Uber making it easier for users to book a ride directly from the navigation app. It removed the feature from iOS previous year and now has removed it from Android. Notably, you will still see the Uber ride option within Google Maps, among other supported ride-sharing apps in your region, but booking a vehicle with Uber will switch you to the Uber app. Sure, it's a couple of extra steps but it's not exactly a deal breaker. It pumped the then-nascent cab service with $258 million, the investment was seen as a massive success as Uber grew rapidly after that.

However, for some reason Google has removed this functionality from Google Maps app.

It is not completely care why Google has taken such a decision at this time, but the decision to add that ability in January 2017 was greeted with mixed feelings. Not all accounts however have that Uber open app option, and so Google is reportedly looking into this probable bug. Now that the feature has been removed, users will have to follow the same process again. Neither Google nor Uber has come out with a reason as to why the integration has been revoked. Those who don't have the app installed will be redirected to the Play Store. You'll need to install and register with the app.

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