Microsoft Has Abandoned VR For Xbox One X

Donna Miller
June 22, 2018

Plus, the company quickly corrected itself about bringing VR to the Xbox shortly before the announcement of the Xbox One X at E3 2017.

DESPITE GREAT AMBITIONS for virtual reality (VR) support on the Xbox One, particularly with the gutsy One X, Microsoft has admitted that be supporting VR on its games console.

According to an interview with Mike Nichols, Microsoft's chief marketing officer for gaming, they don't have specific plans of bringing virtual reality or mixed reality to the Xbox.

The confession goes against Microsoft's original promise in June 2016, when, speaking about Project Scorpio, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said: "This is hardware built specifically to lead the console industry into true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR", adding the hardware would enable "premiere VR experiences without sacrificing performance".

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Following the breakout success of Oculus VR, whose Rift headset effectively launched the current resurgence of interest in virtual reality technology, Microsoft has been putting its support behind the technology via the launch of the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Microsoft itself is working with partners on so-called mixed reality headsets, which are basically just VR headsets for PCs.

Now however, it would appear that Microsoft feels the future of virtual reality is PC-based. "We have nothing to share about MR for console at this time". Obviously on phones, augmented reality is a good scenario as well that's going to grow. "As it relates to Xbox, no".

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