CDC Reports 212 Confirmed Cases of Cyclospora in Midwest

Desiree Burns
July 9, 2018

Lab tests have confirmed more than two dozen additional people who ate items from Del Monte pre-cut vegetable trays are infected with Cyclospora parasites.

Symptoms related to the outbreak began on May 14. Symptoms of cyclospora are diarrhea and frequent, sometimes explosive bowel movements, according to the CDC. Other symptoms may include vomiting, body aches, headache, fever and other flu-like symptoms.

A previous major cyclosporiasis outbreak was reported in 2015, when 546 individuals were infected across 31 states. If not treated, the illness may last from a few days to a month or longer.

Cyclosporiasis is caused by Cyclospora cayetanensis, a single-celled protozoa most commonly transmitted on produce contaminated with human fecal matter, particularly from tropical or subtropical regions where the parasite is native.

'The Cyclospora parasite needs time (days to weeks) after being passed in a bowel movement to become infectious for another person, ' the FDA said. Therefore, it is unlikely that cyclosporiasis is passed directly from one person to another.

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A recall was also issued in mid-June for the Del Monte trays, which included baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and dill dip, and were labeled for sale by Jun 17.

The 28-ounce "small veggie trays" were recalled June 15. The infected vegetable trays were packaged in "clear, plastic clamshell containers".

A majority of the consumers who contracted the illness reported purchasing the Del Monte vegetable trays at Kwik Trip convenience stores, the CDC says, but the trays were also sold at Kwik Star, Demond's, Sentry, Potash, Meehan's, Country Market, FoodMax Supermarket, and Peapod. More information is listed on the CDC website. Officials said two, in MI, came from vegetables bought in Wisconsin. "FDA is now reviewing distribution and supplier information related to the vegetable trays; the investigation is ongoing", according to the FDA's update this week. The agency recommends throwing out all recalled products.

The CDC urges consumers to not eat the recalled vegetable trays, and instead, they should throw them away.

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