Here’s why you should not wear a tie to office

Desiree Burns
July 9, 2018

Wearing a tie is bad, say German experts. This causes reduced blood flow to the brain.

However this study was very small, only 30 subjects and I'm not convinced that its a compression on the arterial circulation that we're seeing. It could be the fact that a tightened tie causes discomfort around the windpipe which may affect blood flow, or affects the jugular vein causing back pressure to the brain, thereby sending a signal that decreases blood flow to the brain. These type of clothing, write the researchers at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, end up squeezing and constricting the arteries and veins of the neck.

The two groups were given a set of three MRI scans, with the men in the open-collared shirt group going through the last two MRI scans without a tie.

Half of the participants did an MRI, when they were in the tie, the rest spent the same study, but without a fashion accessory. Cerebral blood flow figures were similar across all three scans for those in the control group.

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The wearing of the tie negatively impact on the blood supply of the brain. It turned out that at the moment when the neck tie is tightened, the head receives much less blood than before.

Lack of adequate blood supply to vital areas of the brain can cause damage to the areas of the brain and also reduce the functional capacity of the brain as has been seen from earlier studies.

The findings are something of an endorsement for the increasingly popular tech-bro uniform championed by Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs, doing away with ties in favor of stretchy attire.Prior to the study, published in the journal Stringer, other researchers had found evidence that a necktie increases pressure in a wearer's eyes.

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