Fireball seen across Midwest skies Sunday evening

Christopher Davidson
July 10, 2018

A fireball was visible at dusk Sunday throughout much of the Midwest, including suburban Chicago. Many described the fireball as having a bluish or greenish tint, while about half the reports indicated seeing the meteor break up in the sky as it disappeared from sight. Video cameras at a residence in Albany, Missouri, recorded the meteor as it zipped by.

Almost 300 reports have been verified by the American Meteor Society. Using these points to geolocate the path, the meteor traveled over parts of Iowa and IL, visible over a roughly 170 mile trek.

According to the organization, it received more than 270 reports from witnesses who saw the meteor on Sunday.

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"The estimated 3D trajectory computed from the witness reports shows an shallow entry angle, one that could be associated with an Earth grazing fireball", wrote Vincent Perlerin for AMS.

The fireball happened at 8:40pm CDT, prior to sunset on July 8th, 2018.

Instead, it was a rather ordinary space rock burning up in that extraordinary way they do when they collide with our atmosphere. Some fireballs are more impressive than others, such as a minivan-sized meteor that appeared over Washington state in March.

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