Fortnite’s disappearing objects are showing up in a real-life desert

Donna Miller
July 10, 2018

Considering this is an exact replica of the mascot in-game, could this be a really elaborate ruse from Epic Games in promotion for Fortnite Season 5?

The massive burger head was found by photographer Sela Shiloni, who says he discovered it while scouting locations for an upcoming photoshoot.

Interestingly, the burger was sucked out of the game by an in-game portal, the portals which have been appearing in the game have the power to suck up anything in their reach.

"We're loving Epic Games" dedication to this event, which IGN reports extends even further, with some people who've visited the burger site having been greeted by a man who handed them a business card.

Curious, various Fortnite fans have since gone searching for the Durr Burger themselves. The business cards had a phone number which when called would play the sounds coming from the in-game portal.

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Furthermore, a Reddit user has claimed to have uncovered some of the mystery behind the anonymous agent and his cards.

Smaller cracks then began to appear all across the game world, causing things like the Durr Burger model from the Greasy Grove restaurant to disappear... and then end up in the real world. "Where is agent 6483?"

C7 is the Greasy Grove location, where the burger sign originally disappeared.

It's imagined that objects from different time periods will start appearing in the Fortnite game world, which already seems to have happened with an Ancient Greek ship anchor.

All of these hints point to changes for Season 5 of Fortnite, which will launch on July 12th.

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