The TicWatch Pro, the smartwatch with two displays, is now available

Donna Miller
July 10, 2018

As you go to use the watch, the OLED appears through the FSTN display to give you a typical Wear OS experience.

We may still argue about the usefulness of smartwatches, but few would disagree that a wearable with a flat battery is no use at all. And then just last May, we learned about the Ticwatch Pro Wear OS.

After launching its Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E past year, Mobvoi is today officially launching the Ticwatch Pro.

What will it cost? Mobvoi has also set this mode up to automatically turn on when "Smart Mode" depletes the battery, offering up to 3 more days of use in "Essential Mode".

We've been hearing about the Ticwatch line since past year. Those in Australia can buy it from the official Mobvoi website starting today. Indeed, with its Snapdragon 2100 chipset, the TicWatch Pro is running hardware more than two years old.

Let's start with the screen, because that's by far the most interesting part of the Ticwatch Pro. It's actually something called a "Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN)" LCD sitting on top of an OLED.

Over the OLED display is a transparent FSTN display which is used when you aren't actively using the watch for general tasks. That's pretty good for any smartwatch powered by Wear OS. When the main watch display is off, the reflective LCD turns on, turning the TicWatch Pro into a big Casio watch of sorts that tells time, steps and heart rate. From Smart Mode, you can easily switch to the other mode to save power. The watch has what Mobvoi calls a "premium build quality" as it has bezel and rear cover that's covered in stainless steel.

The rest of the case is made of hard nylon reinforced with glass fibre.

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Many will be happy to know as well that the Ticwatch Pro has NFC on board, meaning you can use it with Google Pay for mobile payments. TicWatch offers two colors, black or silver, but having seen both in person I don't think they'll win any awards for styling.

In all it looks to be going for a classy appearance, rather than a sporty one. Together, the whole thing is IP68 water and dust resistant, which means depths of up to 1.5m for as long as thirty minutes are safe, though the company doesn't recommend swimming with the smartwatch on.

The Ticwatch Pro may look like a fashion-led watch, but it comes with a heart rate monitor, Global Positioning System and step tracking skills. As you use the watch in this mode, you'll notice the display switching back and forth seamlessly.

Apparently, the United States might also get a model with LTE included, which could allow you to use the watch in full while leaving your phone at home, but this isn't confirmed and it's not clear whether anywhere else will get a version with LTE.

Considering we've now got an official release about the launch in the United States, we don't expect the LTE version of the watch will be coming anytime soon. if at all.

The Ticwatch Pro runs Google's Wear OS, so at its core you should get much the same experience as you do on the majority of smartwatches.

To get to the 30 days of battery life, Mobvoi has included an "Essential Mode" on the watch that basically deactivates the OLED panel. Just as there are two displays, though, there are also two power modes.

Yeah, it's weird. And Google's already readying a next generation of Wear OS smartwatches this fall that should have better battery life, so you probably want to wait for those. It replaces the "always-on" mode that's on Wear OS watches by default, or can be booted up in a separate "Essential Mode" that makes the watch a basic, low-powered fitness tracker.

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