Next Expansion Named The Boomsday Project & Returns to Mechs - Hearthstone

Donna Miller
July 11, 2018

The new card set focuses on "science", specifically, the mechs, weapons, and other explosive goodies created by Goblin researcher Dr. Boom.

If the concept sounds familiar, that's because it sort of is. Called "The Boomsday Project", it marks the return of mechs to the game for the first time since 2014's Goblins & Gnomes expansion. Now that The Boomsday Project has been revealed, it makes sense that Blizzard was littering clues about the upcoming expansion. For example, Spider Bomb will give another Mech +2/+2 and a Deathrattle.

Omega minions gain powerful buffs when played on turns with 10 mana. The Omega Defender starts as a reasonable 2/6 with Taunt for four mana. You can bet I'll be there ready to craft all kinds of oddball decks when The Boomsday Project hits Hearthstone's PC and mobile versions on August 7. They don't cost ten mana, but they aren't exactly worth playing until you get there.

Speaking of which, it looks like they'll have a new tool to do so.

(1) Biology Project (Druid Spell): Each player gains 2 Mana Crystals. This one mana spell is basically a permanent pre-nerf Innervate, but for both players. When a card like this is played, it'll be a race to see which player can exploit the advantage fastest.

The final, most crazy addition has to be the inclusion of Legendary spells with some insane powers.

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(5) Myra's Unstable Element (Legendary Rogue Spell): Draw the rest of your deck.

You read that right: draw your whole deck. It does have some good synergy with Fal'Dorei Strider, which summons creatures as you work through your deck. Hearthstone is the king of the digital card game market, and new expansions give players a reason to buy more packs.

The Project cards give each class a spell that theoretically benefits both players, but when used correctly will likely give you the bigger payout.

Like Hagatha The Witch in The Witchwood reveal video, we see another powerful Legendary briefly teased. We'll have to wait for more reveals to find out what effect "Dr. Boom, Mad Genius" has when he takes over for Garrosh. For $50, you can get a 50-pack Boomsday bundle which comes with a free golden Legendary and the new Mecha-Jaraxxus card back.

Coming off the back of the spooky theming and somewhat stale meta of The Witchwood expansion, The Boomsday Project looks like it'll mix things up in some fascinating and strategy-warping ways, with cards that facilitate unconventional win conditions and peculiar plans of attack. We'll have one more expansion later in 2018. However, the screen shown looks more like the mode which launched with The Frozen Throne expansion, with non-randomized bosses.

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