Dancing FBI agent who allegedly shot bystander at bar gets gun back

Blanche Robertson
July 13, 2018

Denver County Court Judge Fran Simonet granted Bishop's request to modify a protection order against him to allow him to carry his service weapon in accordance with Federal Bureau of Investigation rules requiring agents to be armed while on- and off-duty. The prosecution also did not disclose the result of the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent's blood test, which would have revealed the level of Bishop's intoxication during the shooting but said that the test did not warrant additional charges against the man.

Chase Bishop, a 29-year-old Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, was arrested on second-degree assault charges earlier last month. The 29-year-old agent lives and works in Washington D.C., and the incident occurred at Mile High Spirits and Distillery in Denver.

"It appears an off-duty Federal Bureau of Investigations agent was dancing at a night club when his firearm became dislodged from its waistband holster and fell onto the floor", the Denver Police Department reports in a news release.

He reportedly has delayed an evidentiary hearing to weigh a plea deal offered this week by Denver prosecutors. The terms of the offer were not disclosed - and Ken Lane, spokesman for the Denver District Attorney's Office, said he could not discuss them until the case is wrapped up.

Mobile phone video shows him dancing in a circle of people.

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The gun went off when Bishop went to retrieve it. It accidentally fired and struck a fellow patron.

The man shot in the leg in the incident, Tom Reddington, was treated and released from a hospital.

In an interview less than a month after the shooting, Mr Reddington, who had recently moved to Denver from Chicago, said he did not blame the agent. "It's beyond comprehension I think right now for me, just with all the factors involved".

Following a court hearing on Tuesday, Judge Frances Simonet of the Denver County Court ruled that Bishop would be allowed to keep his gun.

The agent remains free on $1,000 bond. Bishop is due back in court on August 21.

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