Dolby Vision is coming to Xbox One

Lewis Collier
July 12, 2018

As it turns out, people are interested: nearly three thousand people went out and signed a petition, a petition making that interest quite, well, clear. And if you want the peace of mind of an official power supply unit, Microsoft's Xbox One power pack is still on sale for around $60. The process uses expanded brightness to improve contrast between dark and light aspects of an image, bringing out deeper black levels and more realistic details in specular highlights - like the sun reflecting off of an ocean - in specially graded Dolby Vision material. Amazon in HDR? Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This has to happen.

Well, here it comes.

For now, it appears that Xbox One S & X Dolby Vision support will be limited to Netflix streaming.

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In other words, you will be able to watch Netflix/Amazon Prime Video content in Dolby Vision where available, the same way you can on an Apple TV, or through the built-in TV apps that support it. If you have a TV that supports the latest version of Dolby Vision and a Premium Netflix subscription jump in and experience Dolby Vision for yourself in the coming weeks!,” Microsoft announced.

The update also provides support for Xbox Avatars on the dashboard and improved accessibility options, providing support for Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish and Dutch languages in Narrator. "An Australian version of English" will also be supported. You'll be able to see yours and your friends' on the dashboard. Not all features will be available to all users on the same day, but should instead roll out to Preview members gradually. It certainly counts as another feature Xbox has that PS4 doesn't, but it does come with some expensive caveats.

It should be noted that Microsoft only officially supports their own power supply for the Xbox One.

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