Fortnite Season 5's v5.0 patch notes and opening cinematic

Lewis Collier
July 12, 2018

As always, if you're struggling to complete any of the above challenges, be sure to check out our Fortnite hub area, where you'll find a bunch of guides ready to help, as well as other Fortnite-related news and information.

As for the map itself, Epic has added in a new desert biome which was something that was heavily hinted it over the last couple of days with all sorts of teasers.

There's also a new vehicle, the All Terrain Kart (the ATK) which will accommodate your whole squad.

ORIGINAL STORY - The background image on Fortnite's launcher has revealed a number of outfits ahead of the new Season 5's Battle Pass coming out later today. Fans can check out Epic Games' full patch notes for season 5 online.

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Check out the Season 5 trailer and Battle Pass promo video below. The ATK has enough room for the player's entire squad, which should make it easier for squad players to outrun the shrinking storm together, or maneuver through the map and strategize a new plan of attack. We're not just talking about those rifts either, we're talking an entirely new biome! The ATK is basically a ruggedized golf cart that enables speed boosts when drifting. The roof of the kart also acts as a bounce pad. Lean back and release at the same time for a higher jump.

Test your courage and step through a Rift. The very first Storm circle will also consistently do 1 damage regardless of how long the player has been stuck in the Storm.

Some changes to gameplay include adjustments to shotguns, which will now indicate how many pellets have hit, and it will be visible within the damage reticle. Shotgun spread is now consistent with no random variation, the suppressed SMG has been amended to fall in line with other SMGs and the hunting rifle aim assist has been reduced to match other sniper rifles. Epic Games has also made it a bit more hard to "double pump" in season 5.

Perhaps the biggest news for Switch players, however, and the addition we know many of you lovely readers have been waiting for, is the addition of gyro controls exclusively for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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