Fortnite's Rifts Are Getting Bigger

Donna Miller
July 12, 2018

It's been growing ever since it made its appearance, apparently, and as a result it looks like Saturday's Blast Off event was only the beginning of a ton of changes coming to the game soon.

The biggest and most prominent rift is the one that's directly above the map, the spot where the missile exploded left blue streaks through the sky that splintered off in different directions. Now, players have begun to notice that the rifts are getting bigger.

While the large rift at the rocket's point of impact in the sky is certainly the most noticeable world change from Saturday's event, smaller rifts also showed up around the Fortnite map following the launch.

No one knows quite what it means, but it does seem to have something to do with the Season 5 launch.

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Season 5 is due to go live in-game later in July, and will likely bring with it the conclusion to whatever's going on with the big 'ol crack in the sky. Epic Games clearly is working on the same kind of hype train that it was for the entire meteor strike, but to what end?

Other landmarks such as the Motel sign have gone missing, while new mini rifts look to be appearing daily.

Could these mini rifts be places where we will see new buildings that are part of the time travel theme?

Like in past weeks, fans will have the choice of seven challenges to complete, all of which will remain available until Season 5 starts. Though these are not final and are subject to change, until it goes live.

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