Love Island's Dr Alex lands a date with new girl Alexandra Cane

Lewis Collier
July 12, 2018

In this evening's episode, Idris and Laura return from their date and Laura tells new Jack she needs to speak to him. They go to sit on the swing seat.

"Yeah, do you not think we're right together?"

He replied: "But do you actually believe in Jack?"

Love Island's Jack Fowler has accused Idris Virgo of having a "game plan" after he told Laura Anderson that Jack tried to kiss Georgia Steel on a date.

"I need Georgia to be exposed", one Twitter user wrote, "Can somebody show Laura this kiss between please??..."

But then, she chooses new Jack to go on a second date with, and of course Laura is like 'WTF?!' - which we would be too, tbh.

On entering the show Alexandra explained she has her sights set on two boys in particular and said: "I'm setting my sights on Josh".

Jack says: "With Laura I've been squashing it, trying to progress with it and then you've come in here and you've started chatting rubbish, you've tried to break up a couple and you've got a game plan".

'You seem so respectful and you seem like such a gentleman and that is really what I'm looking for.

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While, fellow newbie Kieran says: "Jack was shying away from it".

In the Beach Hut, Laura says: "Jack has never changed his story..."

Now Laura's got a decision to make: does she believe Jack or has Idris made her cast doubts on their blossoming romance again? "My mum loves you, she was like 'go for the Doctor!'"

Idris says: "Who said that?"

On the date, Alexandra asks new Jack's usual type.

The question of Jack and Georgia's kiss-or-no-kiss has been causing drama through the villa for days now, with nobody quite sure what is happening.

"Feel to boycott love island until they show the islanders what happened with this kiss", another user wrote,"forever giving Georgia a free pass meanwhile Samira is struggling to catch a break..."

Sam says: "Georgia this has been horrendous". I am absolutely chuffed, it's a great feeling'. "She is honest and I'm an honest person". "I am happy with Laura, we have gone through a lot and what me and her have is genuine".

Kieran tells the boys about his date with Georgia: "She is easy to talk to".

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