Texas couple considering divorce to help pay for daughter's health care

Desiree Burns
July 12, 2018

Although the Greys struggle financially, they make too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Maria Grey said caring for Brighton was a blessing in many ways, but in others, it amounts to a major cause of financial and psychological stress.

Jake Grey, an Army veteran, said the family has private health insurance but they still spend about $15,000 every year out of pocket. "We've had a newborn for six-and-a-half years".

Dr. Miller claimed that most Americans spend at least $600 dollars on health care a year but he does believe other families are in a similar situation to the Greys.

Maria and Jake Grey's 6-year-old daughter Brighton has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome and requires full-time care.

"I used to get anxiety just opening the mail because I was scared of what would come or what bill would come or what denial would come", Maria Grey told WFAA.com, adding that a divorce would allow her to qualify for Medicaid. They've applied for state assistance - but they're number 59,979 on the waiting list, they said.

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"For a family like this, they really are in a tough spot, ' Miller said, calling the couple's out of pocket costs "very high" and 'shocking". By divorcing, Maria would become a single, jobless mother of two and would qualify for Medicaid to help with their finances immediately. "We don't want a GoFundMe - we don't want any of that", Maria said. The couple said it may be the only way the family could get the help they need to care for Brighton.

Jake said: I can't imagine going through what we've been through with anybody else'.

"We've just struggled and struggled with it, and now we've gotten to the point, where we feel [divorce] a real possibility", Mr.

"We promised to each other and to her that we'd do whatever we could do to make her life, however long she's going to be with us, as good as possible", Maria said.

The Greys got married nine years ago on a Florida beach.

"Then we got the rainbows", Maria said. One couple in Texas, however, is considering divorce out of necessity for their child's well-being, a reflection of how desperate many people in our country have become when it comes to attaining adequate health care. "I need the state to step up and give us the benefits that we need".

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