5-Year-Old Boy Died From Cancer, But Prepared His Own Obituary

Desiree Burns
July 14, 2018

But it's his amusing take on life and death that's getting noticed.

Garrett's parents, Emilie and Ryan, told the Des Moines Register that the obituary came from questions they asked him as he fought the disease that would ultimately claim his life.

"Funerals are sad", he said. "When I read it, I'm just like 'wow.' Sounds like Garrett just yapping at me".

"Burned or buried", his parents asked.

Garrett made also some final requests: "No funeral, because those are sad".

"Garrett endured nine months of hell before he lost his battle with cancer", his parents, Ryan and Emilie Matthias, wrote in a note at the end of the obituary.

Garrett's family said that during the nine months of hell, he never lost his sense of humor and loved to tease doctors and nurses.

Garrett was "forever a prankster" who would even "haze" his new doctors, according to his obituary.

At the start of the obituary, Garrett declares his name is "Garrett Michael Boofias" - a surname that he made up because his real name, Matthias, was too hard for him to pronounce, CNN reports.

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He freely opined on a host of other topics. "No (update as of now), but hopefully in the next week or two". 'I know there has been a backlash and it's my own fault.

The now-viral obituary details his favorite superheroes-including, of course, Thor-things he loves (playing with his sister, thrash metal) and hates ("dirty stupid cancer"), and what he would have wanted to be as an adult: a pro boxer. And his dislikes: trousers, dirty stupid cancer, and the times hospital workers had to access his medical port.

Garrett Matthias, from Iowa in the USA, was diagnosed with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in September. It's a rare form of cancer that attacked his temporal bone, cranial nerve and inner ear.

In mid-June, they found out Garrett's tumors were treatment-resistant, and he suffered severe headaches and back pain. "He'd say, 'I want to be burned like in "Thor", and then I want to become a gorilla'".

At a hospital in Iowa City last month, he got his wish when a boxing club brought him a pair of gloves and taught him how to throw a few punches, which KCCI captured on video. "I'm going to have bouncy houses at mine".

If this lighthearted obituary seems like it could have been written by a child, that's because it was.

They say it is an "ugly, nasty beast" that leaves a "path of destruction". For Garrett and many others before him - cancer kills.

A celebration of Garrett's life will be held on Saturday, complete with a "symbolic Asgardian burial ceremony and fireworks".

"I want 5 bouncy houses (because I'm 5), Batman, and snow cones", he told his parents before he died. A local archer will shoot the flaming arrow, just as in "Thor".

And fittingly, his obituary, published by a funeral home in Iowa, US, is signed off: "See ya later, suckas!" "The Great Garrett Underpants", composed his own obituary that's as poignant as it is amusing.

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