Praise Satan! Jim Jarmusch Is Making A Zombie Movie With Bill Murray

Lewis Collier
July 14, 2018

Jim Jarmusch has already directed a modern classic about vampires, so why not zombies?

Acclaimed independent filmmaker Jim Jamursch is preparing to out his own particular spin on the world of zombies in the upcoming film, The Dead Don't Die, which has snared Bill Murray and Selena Gomez for starring roles. The zombie movie, which is now being filmed, stars Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Selena Gomez, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, and Chloe Sevigny.

In 2013, Jarmusch delivered audiences the vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive, which featured plenty of horrific elements but focused on romantic themes and urban decay over frights. It's titled The Dead Don't Die, and it shoots over the summer. Brace yourself: "It's a zombie movie", Murray shared with The project's apparently filming under the title Kill The Head, which - if I'm being honest - has a much cooler ring to it (sounding like an old punk song that Jarmusch favorite The Stooges might have written back in the day). That would include Murray's delightful, java-gulping appearance within the Coffee and Cigarettes vignettes and his criminally underrated turn as a chronic bachelor in Broken Flowers. Murray also teased that Daniel Craig and Rosie Perez were in the movie, and that he would not be playing a zombie (sorry, Zombieland fans). Jarmusch has been working with Amazon a bunch on his last few projects, so The Dead Don't Die may be coming out through them once it's complete.

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It seems that the cast has changed since then, as Rozie Perez and Daniel Craig are not included in the official announcement that Focus Features released today (or else Murray was just messing with us).

Murray was seen in on-set photos obtained by the Daily Mail.

No release date has yet been announced for The Dead Don't Die.

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