British Tourist Rents Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai, Racks $45K in Speeding Fines

Irving Hamilton
August 9, 2018

The National reports that the 25-year-old driver was snapped by speeding cameras no less than 33 times in the hours after renting the mid-engine supercar. However, speaking to MailOnline, Farah's brother Adman claimed the firm came to the Briton's hotel to demand he hand over the passport and called the fine "ridiculous".

'He was supposed to be there for five days and fly back next week but now he is stuck in his hotel room, he's had to extend his stay'.

Identified as Farah Hashi, the tourist took the auto from a leasing company for luxury vehicles, Saeed Ali Rent.

"It's still with the tourist, parked at his hotel". We have tried to contact him but he hasn't answered yet.

The speeding fines amounted to $20,900 while an additional $27,000 will be needed to retrieve the vehicle if it's impounded by police. The matter is now with the courts.

That's because previous track record shows them they will end up paying the fines if they collect the vehicle, because the law holds the leasing company accountable, instead of the driver who committed the crime in the first place. I will not try to take the auto back because then who pays the money for the impoundment?

'I still have his passport so he will not be leaving, ' he added.

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The Huracan was rented from Saeed Ali Rent a vehicle.

The fines were issued after he triggered every speed camera on the Sheikh Zayed Road and reached a top speed of 150mph (240 km/h).

Going over Dubai's 80km/h (50mph) limit results in a 3,000 dirham (£600) fine.

The problem is that he committed 33 traffic violations of speeding at the wheel of a rented vehicle.

With the driver legally off the hook, for now, the dealer fears he could go to the embassy and claim he lost his passport in order to get home scot-free and avoid paying the colossal fine.

Hashi was unavailable for comment.

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