Donald Trump says GDP growth 'could be in the 5s' next quarter

Irving Hamilton
August 9, 2018

The hackers posted a video warning QAnon that they were coming for them. Anonymous referenced the growing impact of the group in its video, which was punctuated with snippets of children's shows, saying it's anxious there will be real-world repercussions from QAnon's activities. "You talk about business, this is the group".

The video claims that Anonymous "knew who was responsible for Q" and thought it was amusing at first. But as aforementioned, it might be too late as the movement has grown from a silly theory to a harmful ideology.

According to Q, almost every president before Trump was a "criminal president" who was part of an evil global organization of Satanist pedophiles.

"I think we're gonna be very shortly in the fives", he said, and stated that the GDP "can go much higher once we get new trade deals". And Trump is actually working with Mueller. For instance, he claimed John Podesta would be arrested or indicted November 3, 2017 - which, of course, didn't happen. The loose collective has targeted ISIS, the Church of Scientology and various corporations and governments in the past.

Puerto Rico Concedes That Hurricane Maria Killed Over 1,400 People, Not 64
A New York Times investigation said it was likely at least 1 ,000 Puerto Ricans were killed by the storm in the US territory. Only the San Ciriaco hurricane of August 1899 was deadlier, with an official estimate of 3,369 killed.

According to a BuzzFeed report, while it's incredibly hard to identify one person associated with QAnon, some leads show that, perhaps, the whole thing was initially meant to be a prank, targeting older conservatives to "expose" them for the incredible things they are willing to believe in to support the president.

Further supporting the theory QAnon is a prank are statements by the author of a 1999 novel called Q that bears a striking similarity to the conspiracy theory. At a certain level it still sounds like a prank.

They also point to the fact that even this article runs the risk of being sucked into the QAnon vortex and just adding more fuel to the fire. "But one thing is nearly certain: our book has something to do with it".

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