Jayson Werth rails on the 'super nerds' who are 'killing' baseball

Rex Christensen
August 9, 2018

That is the assessment of the modern game from former All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth.

Werth appeared on Philly-area radio man Howard Eskin's podcast Tuesday (those interested should definitely listen to the whole thing if so inclined), and the part about Werth's offseason and spring leading to the Mariners was pretty amusing.

After waiting, Werth said that he contacted every Major League Baseball team but the Mets and was told that Boras did not let them know he was available to play.

"I wouldn't play for them". It's to the point where just put computers out there. We don't even need to go out there anymore.

Werth spent four seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and seven with the Washington Nationals, which would seemingly be the reason for his animosity toward the Mets. He was a part of nine playoff teams, winning two pennants and the 2008 World Series as part of the Phillies.

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Werth played 36 games with the Seattle Mariners' Triple-A affiliate before opting to retire.

Werth decries the usage of expertise from people who have never played the game before at a high level.

"When they come down, these kids from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, wherever they're from, they've never played baseball in their life", Werth told Eskin. They said they hadn't heard from him, hadn't heard from me, didn't know I was available. We don't want you to do that.

Werth, 39, hit.267/.360/.455 (117 OPS+) with 300 doubles, 229 homers, 799 RBI, 883 runs and 132 steals in his career. It's boring. You're turning players into robots.

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