Manchester dad grieved for daughter at wrong grave for 30 years

Blanche Robertson
August 10, 2018

A father discovered he had been grieving for his daughter at the wrong grave for 30 years because of a misplaced headstone.

According to the BBC, George Salt lost his daughter, Victoria, just days after her birth in 1988.

It has since emerged that the council had moved the headstone to an empty spot during the 1980s, but the mistake was only realised this year - after staff at the cemetery checked the grave records.

A man in England who'd always visited the grave of the daughter he lost in her infancy multiple times a year was shocked to learn recently that he'd been visiting the wrong cemetery plot.

'I looked down and was completely gobsmacked.

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The passing of time meant they were unable to say why it was moved to the wrong plot, the authority added. "I thought, 'Where's the stone gone?'" Salt told the BBC.

Southern Cemetery, which opened in 1879, contains more than 200,000 graves, and is one of the largest graveyards in the UK. When the gravestone was erected in the 1980s, it was apparently moved to a vacant spot but employees discovered this year it was in the wrong area and moved it back.

"I just wasn't told".

Manchester City Council said it has accepted the error and offered "sincere apologies" to Mr Salt for the mistake.

Mr Salt learned the grave, which had 17 other names inscribed on it, was in a different place. Salt said he feels "let down" for not having been informed of the discovery when officials became aware.

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