August 11 Partial Solar Eclipse: Best Times, Places to See

Christopher Davidson
August 10, 2018

A partial solar eclipse visible to major parts of the northern hemisphere will start in the early hours of August 11, Greenwich Mean Time, according to U.S. space agency Nasa. As per the report of NASA, Surya Grahan 2018 will only visible in the countries like Northern Canada, Scandinavia, parts of Siberia, Central Asia, North-eastern US, Greenland as well as some parts of China on 11 August. The most of the Solar eclipse 2018 in August will appear in the Northern part of the World. Although it has also been said that the solar eclipse of 11 August will be the last eclipse of the year 2018. Eclipses happen approximately every 173 days during what's called an eclipse season. As the name suggests, the eclipse which will be partial, the moon will cover only 65 per cent of the solar disk.

This was followed by two eclipses during the month of July. It will also be a supermoon.

The partial solar eclipse will be visible in the day starting at around 1:32 PM Indian Standard Time (IST), and will be visible till 5:02 PM IST.

What is a solar eclipse?

As mentioned previously, an eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Earth, Sun and Moon are aligned in a manner, which results in one body being blocked from getting sunlight. On this occasion, the total duration of the eclipse is expected to add up to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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Although in India, skywatchers won't be able to watch the partial solar eclipse.

Third and last solar eclipse of the current year will be on August 11. While in a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes in between the moon and the sun. Unlike solar eclipses, a lunar eclipse often lasts much longer, and are less rare because they can be seen by everyone on the side of Earth where it's night, while only those within the radius of the moon's shadow on Earth can see a solar eclipse.

What time is the solar eclipse?

Even some parts of the World as well will witness the partial solar eclipse on 11 August 2018. The eclipse, which will be visible from regions of the Northern hemisphere, will last three hours.

How is partial solar eclipse different from total solar eclipse?

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