Dave Grohl unveils Play, a new 23-minute recording and mini-documentary

Lewis Collier
August 10, 2018

Recently, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl set out to record a 23-minute, live instrumental track, crafted and performed on seven instruments entirely by his lonesome. Via an interactive video posted on Grohl's Roswell Films website, viewers can isolate each instrument - we recommend the drum track, because although Grohl has many talents, he remains one of the greatest drummers in rock history.

Plus, if you head over to http://play.roswellfilms.com, you can listen to individual audio tracks, download sheet music and purchase vinyl bundles of the track itself. "The entire song was played by Grohl, each time on a different instrument, live for 23 minutes", a press release previously explained. Explore "Play" by choosing which audio and video you'd like to experience.

Dave Grohl has shared his new documentary, Play, and it's pretty incredible.

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Also up for grabs are the music sheets, the input lists, and (if you're feeling really geeky) a floor plan of the live room Grohl played in. Somehow, Grohl managed to walk away from the session not only with his sanity intact, but a finished song, titled "PLAY".

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