Facebook Messenger launches two multiplayer video chat AR games

Donna Miller
August 10, 2018

Facebook is one of these companies that are trying up their game by introducing new technology to its users.

"Facebook is constantly competing with new entrants", said Andrew Hogan, a senior analyst at research firm Forrester. Currently, the Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users so indeed there is tremendous potential here to simplify the bank transactions in quite an easy fashion if the app is able to integrate with the bank and offer numerous banking services as well. To play the games, you start a video chat, hit the star button to open the filter menu, then select one of the games. Multiple Facebook messenger users up to 6 can be connected on the video call to play the augmented reality games.

"Don't Smile" is a game that harnesses the front facing camera of each device using Facebook Messenger to identify when a user gets a grin on their face.

So, the outcry to this report highlights two things: Facebook has lost a great deal of public trust, and that there needs to be a secure industry standard for sharing financial data with third parties.

The two games, "Asteroids Attack" and "Don't Smile", incorporate augmented reality, which overlays digital objects like sunglasses or flower crowns on the real world - a concept popularized by Snapchat and then Instagram. The games launching today are Don't Smile and Asteroids Attack, but they're going to be launching more games including a game called "Beach Bump" which lets you pass a beach ball back and forth and "Kitten Kraze" a matching cat game in the coming weeks and months.

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Users will need to have the latest version of Messenger to try out these games. The feature might not be available in India as it has been launched recently.

Facebook's public reputation has also been stung by the use of its platform by Russian Federation to attempt to sway the 2016 presidential election, as well as the continued spread of misinformation. Facebook had previously added AR mask features to the messenger app.

Facebook says that it built these games itself using the AR Studio tool.

It remains to be seen what sort of a deal gets worked out between US banks and Facebook in the long run.

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