Fortnite Challenges: Week 5, Season 5 - earn those extra stars and XP

Rex Christensen
August 10, 2018

One of the new aspects in Fortnite Season 5 is actually a spin from a Season 4 favourite: Blockbuster.

Weekly challenges are available for anyone who purchases the Season 5 Battle Pass, which can be had for 950 in-game "V-Bucks", or roughly $10. Earning enough XP to complete four out of five tiers unlocks a special Harvesting Tool.

This one could be a little hard to tick off early.

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Where Does the Snobby Shores Treasure Map Lead (Fortnite Week 5)? They shouldn't be too hard to find, and are extremely useful when assaulting people's bases in the late game. One of those will require you to run around the game world in search of Rift Portals to use, which is much easier said than done. As always, do not forget to finish out the match you're in once you've completed one or more challenges in order to be sure you get credit for them.

One of this week's challenges tasks players with hitting a golf ball from tee to green on five different holes.

The golf equivalent of the basketball challenge from a few weeks ago, you can equip the golf ball in your locker and use it like an emote. You're going to need a little patience to bag this one up. It's likely to be a bit busy while the everyone's after the Fortnite Snobby Shores treasure map Battle Stars, so maybe grab some gear before you charge in. If you want to grab those Battle Stars as early as possible then you're gonna need a helping hand. The other three won't give you any extra XP, but will help you unlock a mystery loading screen that hides a secret Battle Star in the map. If you go here straight from the Battle Bus, try and swoop down into the lower portion of the mine quickly so you can be first to the floor loot.

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