Russia To Decide Retaliatory Measures To US Sanctions: Ministry

Irving Hamilton
August 10, 2018

"I guess what it's about is the internal politics in the U.S., that Donald Trump of course has been under a lot of pressure at home for talking about wanting to meet Vladimir Putin again and his policy is a reflection really of how his business operates - he says one thing one day, one thing the next, to try to keep the various factions happy".

Newly announced us sanctions-and the potential for a second round of actions in 90 days-roiled Russia's currency and blue-chip stocks as the country braced for further economic pain amid uncertainties over the Trump administration's commitment to enforcement.

The Trump administration said overnight that fresh sanctions were needed after it determined Moscow had used a nerve agent against a former Russian agent and his daughter in Britain, something the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.

United Kingdom foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt thanked the U.S. for its intervention, saying in a tweet that nerve agents and other "horrific" weapons must not become a new norm, and "states like Russian Federation that use or condone their use need to know there is a price to pay".

Acting in tandem with governments in Europe, the United States expelled 60 Russian diplomats it said were spies several weeks later.

President Trump might be on holiday, but his State Department is not.

"This sort of decision by the American side is an absolutely unfriendly act", Peskov said Thursday. "It can scarcely be associated in any way with the constructive - not easy but constructive - atmosphere at the most recent meeting of the two presidents".

New US sanctions will cover exports of a number of US goods and services, including supplies of electronics, components and technologies for the oil and gas industry, a high ranking official of the US State Department said on Thursday.

The U.S. had joined Britain in condemning Russia for the Skripal poisoning and joined with European nations in expelling Russian diplomats in response, but it had yet to make the formal determination that the Russian government had "used chemical or biological weapons in violation of worldwide law or has used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own nationals". He said the new sanctions amount to "inflicting a punishment in the absence of a crime, in the tradition of lynch law".

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption 2014: Protestors clash with authorities in Ukraine after the area of Crimea was annexed by Russia What different types of sanctions are there?

Russia's biggest airline Aeroflot came in the spotlight after Washington said before Moscow's market opening that it was considering suspending the company's flights to the United States. Individuals face limits on their travel and freezes on at least some of their assets, while some top Russian state banks and companies, including oil and gas giants, are effectively barred from getting financing through USA banks and markets. "This is not about different bits of the administration going in different directions".

NBC, citing US officials, said the second tranche could include downgrading diplomatic relations, suspending the state airline Aeroflot's ability to fly to the United States, and cutting off almost all exports and imports.

Countries can also introduce sanctions in retaliation to other countries' sanctions.

But the punitive measures triggered a furious reaction from Moscow.

The sanctions enacted so far this year, and the threat of more, have already inflicted pain on Russia's middle class. As of 1437 GMT, the ruble hovered 66.11 against the greenback, down 0.9 percent on the day.

If Moscow does not comply, a second round of sanctions could further downgrade diplomatic relations with Russian Federation. In fact, a new spike in tensions with Washington could provide a convenient distraction for the Kremlin at a time when Putin faces domestic discontent over the government's effort to raise the retirement age.

Weren't Trump and Putin pally recently?

A senior Russian lawmaker denounced the sanctions as "lynch law". The carve-outs will include a - we will have a waiver for the provision of foreign assistance to Russia and to the Russian people.

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