Texas Woman Arrested For Marijuana Possession, Promptly Gets Requests For Makeup Tutorials

Irving Hamilton
August 11, 2018

Marshala Perkins, 19, of Dallas, was arrested for marijuana possession on February 6, the Star-Telegram reported Wednesday.

A former Texas A&M-Commerce student who was arrested for marijuana possession didn't think many people would see her mugshot.

The mugshot quickly became viral after the photo was posted onto the unusual and somewhat distasteful Twitter account "Mugshot Baes", which regularly posts photos of attractive women who have been arrested.

In her mugshot, Perkins appears to have her facial makeup contoured, with bright pink eyeshadow, with a hint of sparkles, and false eyelashes.

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Because of the viral fame, Perkins said a lot of positive has come out of her mugshot and has even gotten some new business opportunities since she's an aspiring makeup artist.

The teen told reporters she was sitting in her auto waiting for friends when officers found two grams of marijuana in the vehicle.

Perkins told the Star-Telegram that she had performed a makeup tutorial that night on Facebook Live before heading out with friends to go to the party. When police searched her vehicle, they found marijuana. Hundreds of thousands of people liked it and have asked her for makeup tips. "It's insane. My mind is blown", Perkins told reporters. "I was just going to go out with my friends looking the way I was looking".

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