Perseids meteor shower lights up Bosnian sky

Christopher Davidson
August 12, 2018

Sky gazers and astronomers recommend watching the meteor show during the darkest hour of the night, far away from cities and other sources of light pollution.

If you want to wish upon a shooting star, this is your weekend.

"The dunes at Mleiha, especially around Al Faya Mountain and The Fossil Rock, offer a secluded experience for visitors and sky watchers who look forward to create great memories out of this opportunity".

The cosmic spectacle happens as the Earth ploughs through debris trailing behind the Swift-Tuttle comet.

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A meteor streaks across the skies over the Sand Pyramids during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower in the village of Miljevina near Foca, August 12, 2018.

"Every year in August, we sort of sweep through the leftovers of that comet and the tiny little particles that it left behind enter into the Earth's atmosphere", explains Brar. "If you trace back the path of a Perseid, you will find that it appears to come from a point in the northeast, maybe halfway between the horizon and the zenith (the point straight above your head)". Most vaporise as they descend, but some explode.

Apparently, the shower will be strong enough to be seen from any part of the country without the need for telescopes or any visual assistance.

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