Destiny 2: Forsaken is overhauling Nightfall and Vanguard Strikes

Donna Miller
August 13, 2018

As developer Bungie pulls back the veil further on Destiny 2: Forsaken, the game's major fall expansion, a number of significant changes to what players have come to know about Destiny 2 is completely changing. For starters, the Prestige difficulty for Nightfalls is gone, as are Heroic strikes. The playlist will now offer Power 300, 400, and 500 strikes. Once a player surpasses 40 Power levels above each playlist, that particular playlist will no longer be selectable. Interestingly, non-owners of Forsaken will only be limited to the now available playlist, which maxes out at Power 200. Bungie also revealed that players will be able to choose from three different Nightfalls per week giving them the ability to chase strike-specific loot they may be looking for. Bungie clarified that modifiers won't kick in until Forsaken's proper launch.

The 270 Power Nightfall won't have scoring for Legacy Players, but they will continue to be able to enable strike modifiers through the Challenge Card. One from each expansion provided that they have bought them. The exception is Power 500 Strikes which will always be playable.

Ikora's Meditations will be retired with Forsaken, replaced with a Heroic story playlist instead. These new missions will be featured at 500 Power.

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Because of this, Ikora's Vanguard Research reputation tokens are being removed, and so is the Legendary parade gear she now offers. "The Legendary parade gear will also no longer be available, so if you want it, get it before August 28". The Nightfall Strike for the first time will also not just include one strike per week. Mars and Mercury will not receive these changes, although players will be able to take one extra adventure during Flashpoint week.

For PvE content, activity modifiers will be shared across Heroic adventures, Heroic story missions, and strikes. Many Milestones from Year 1 have been converted to activity challenges.

The full update can be read here. The activities which include the Strikes and Nightfalls, the hard versions of which are being removed.Heroic strikes and prestige Nightfalls will instead be replaced with a more streamlined system, created to accommodate players who purchase Forsaken, as well as those that don't.

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