Confidential Mode comes to Gmail Android app

Donna Miller
August 17, 2018

According to Gmail's official Google+ page, the feature is now rolling out to Gmail users on mobile. The company today launched Confidential Mode for emails on Gmail, letting users protect the emails they send. Senders can also set emails to expire after a certain amount of time, and, in cases where extra security is necessary, lock a message with an SMS code.

Even though being cautious can help keep your sensitive information out of harm's way, Google announced Confidential Mode at this year's Google I/O for Gmail. Confidential emails will automatically have the ability to forward, copy, print, and download removed, so the recipient won't be able to make copies of your original email.

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If you want to use confidential mode, you simply need to hit the "Compose" button to start your email. After that, tap on the three dot menu on the top-right of the screen, which will then show a "confidential mode" option.

Implementing confidential mode is a fairly easy process that's similar across both Android and iOS. After selecting that, Gmail asks you to choose an expiration time and whether or not a passcode is required to open the message.

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