IL rescue trying to find home for "Bruno" the polydactyl cat

Donna Miller
August 19, 2018

So now, he is looking for a new forever home that can give him the love he deserves.

No, this guy demands only the best.

He's been on local news sites such as WGTV as well as worldwide mastheads like Vice.

When he fancies a snack, he stands up on his hind legs, with his shoulders back and his furry belly sticking out. If Bruno accepts an application from another family, don't worry - please consider adopting one of the many other cats looking for homes at Wright-Way Rescue or your local animal shelter.

He likes to be pet while he eats, but he has special rules about how you can touch him.

"I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only", according to the shelter.

His favourite place for tickles and scritches are the sides of his face and neck.

"I also drink a lot of water".

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But, again, he has standards. I usually prefer to lay on the floor or right next to you, but occasionally I like to be a lap-cat. I only drink the water that was put in a completely different room.

We all know someone who's picky, or fussy, or just likes things that're that little bit extra, well how about the cat who would need more care and attention than your average toddler?

When Bruno gets hungry, he makes it known by sitting in his signature pose, which he sometimes does for up to 30 minutes, according to Jacoby Andrick, a spokesperson for Wright-Way Rescue.

In Lauren Paris's song, "Gimme That Fat Cat", (written friend Kathleen Gibson) she says she "needs to be his mom" and will "let him meow and meow at me-my thick and chatty baby cat", she sings as a piano plays in the background.

The shelter has been inundated with adoption requests, which has really boosted Bruno's already high self-esteem.

When the animal shelter posted about Bruno on Facebook, within just a few days he became an Internet sensation.

"Our thicc boi Bruno is now reviewing applications for the flawless home".

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